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Internationaler Workshop: Modelling human dispersal using agent-based modelling

Vom 30.09-01.10. findet am Archäologischen Institut der Universität zu Köln ein internationaler Workshop zum Thema Agen-based modelling statt.

The international two-day workshop on “Modelling human dispersal using agent-based modelling” will encourage scientific debate and offer research training on ABM via a combination of lectures, hands-on practical classes, tutorials and opportunities to form small teams for problem solving. Participants will get acquainted with the principles of ABM modelling more generally and models of human dispersal, in particular. The first day will focus mainly on practical aspects of modelling human interaction in the ABM environment, while the second will discuss example case studies and touch upon the issue of how data (environment and other) can be best integrated in such models.

Organizers: Eleftheria Paliou (Institute of Archaeology), Eric Parteli (Department of Geosciences)
Instructors: Iza Romanowska (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) and Fulco Scherjon (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)

Weitere Informationen: http://archaeologie.uni-koeln.de/abmworkshop2019.html