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Iza Romanowska

Iza Romanowska is a senior postdoctoral researcher coordinating the social science simulation team at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). She holds a PhD in Complex Systems Simulation in Archaeology (2017) from the University of Southampton, UK. Her research interest focus on applications of agent-based modelling to different archaeological and social science case studies ranging from modelling of the first Out of Africa two million years ago to trying to optimising pedestrian movement at large sporting events nowadays. She is particularly focused on the models of human movement at different scales: from individual movement to regional migrations and global dispersals. Currently, Iza works on a Carlsberg Fundation funded project applying agent-based simulation to understand the long term evolution of commerce and demography in the ancient Middle East.

Fulco Scherjon

Fulco Scherjon was originally trained as a computer scientist and information analyst at Delft University (MSc). During an extensive career in software design and development he build river flow simulation software, databases for planning promotional activities, and eye care screening software modelling diseases including diabetes. He obtained a research master (MA Archaeology, Human Origins) in 2013, subsequently working in the same group as a researcher focusing on modelling and simulation in an archaeological context. His doctoral research implemented a genetic algorithm borrowed from the artificial intelligence toolbox to look for virtual Neanderthals whose spatial behavior matches the archaeological record of presence and absence. He currently works at The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), at the department of Modelling, Simulation and Gaming.