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Kölner Schriften zur Archäologie (KSA)

In the series "Cologne Contributions to Archaeology" monographies, dissertations and other publications are published that were made in proximity to the Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne.


Kölner und Bonner Archaeologica (KuBA)

Since 2011 the two archaeological institute of the University of Cologne and Bonn have been publishing a scientific journal. It contains contributions from ongoing research projects of both institutes and gives young researchers the possibility to publish research results for the first time

Kölner Studien zur Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen (KASARP)

KASARPIn der Reihe KASARP erscheinen in unregelmäßigen Abständen Dissertationen, die an der Abteilung für Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen entstanden sind.


Monumenta Artis Romanae (MAR)

The research of the Research Archive for Ancient Sculpture has resulted in numerous publications that were written by members of the Archaeological Institute but also from external researchers. Most works were published in the monograph-series 'Monumenta Artis Romanae' of the Archaeological Institute.


Proceedings of the Archaeological Institute

The series "Proceedings of the Archaeological Institute" is published irregularly concerning various topics of the graeco-roman antiquity.